It began with the idea of providing the Costa Rican population a quality product comparable to any other condominium in the market at an affordable price. This was possible to achieve only through a completely untraditional construction system in Costa Rica. The housing developed by the Vila Group used the construction system implemented only in large buildings since the initial investment and the capacity to manage such large projects, “in series”, was little known in Costa Rican construction companies. At this moment it wasn’t attractive to these Costa Rican companies as they received a great amount a foreign investment. It is for this reason that the Vila Group was the first developer to use this construction system in housing. Now both old and new developers are using this system as they have seen its success.


The Vila Group has as its mission, not only to develop housing, but to develop a product within the capabilities of Costa Ricans and at the same time generate a return profit in a few years and use this profit to create new investment.


The Vila Group has developed several project in Alajuela, Heredia and soon on the east side of the country.

The Vila Group is a development company with 10 years in the Costa Rican market.

Heredia, San josé and in Cartago soon.

This project is located near one of the most significant commercial zones of the central valley. It is near major employment centers, schools, restaurants, and shopping.  Its strategic location has created the perfect place to live.  With close proximity to employment centers time in traffic congestion is greatly reduced providing for an improved quality of life.

The project includes 360 apartments designed in modules with 4 units per module.  Clients can select apartments on the ground floor or on the second level.  The ground floor apartments each have a small garden zone with easy access from the master bedroom providing a feeling of space and freshness.


This project also has green areas including ranchos or covered areas for picnics and children’s play areas.  Security is provided by security guards and the entire project is surrounded with tall concrete block walls topped with an electric security fence.  The project was also constructed to have security cameras.  A small creek passes through the center of the property and the surrounding area is a legally protected environmental area which creates a fresh and natural environment for the project.

The latest technology in waste water treatment facilities was contrasted to handle the project waste water and storm water systems were created to comply with all laws regarding impact to the environment.  A storm water retention zone was created to minimize impacts to the surrounding urban area and the project.


We are a development company with

10 años en el mercado de Costa Rica.

From the University Fidelitas 850m west, or from the Fábrica Casino 1km north, 200m west,

600m north y 50m east. Heredia, San Francisco.


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Tel.: 800-00-CASAS(800-0022727)

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Images of the project include architectural designs that can vary according to each unit. The furniture and appliances are not included with the units. For more information contact the 800-00-CASAS.

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